Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

No Lockpicks Required

I checked my f'list this morning and saw that so many people had posts up that they were locking their journals. If anyone cares, I won't be locking down here. I can't conceive of anything that would make me do that. I'm sure there's something, but in general... If I locked this LJ, I'd miss out on meeting new people, and one of the best reasons to be on LJ, IMHO, is for the relationships. And I have no intention of losing that. This is my front porch, and I'm going to stay sitting here in my rocker, chatting to all who pass by, till they kick me out.

One of the things I do like about LJ, as opposed to my blog, is the ability to lock entries. Because there are times when you feel the need to be able to do that. But, I've had a blog for more than five years, with no privacy function at all, and I've pretty much just let it all hang out there. Maybe that makes my tolerance a little higher, I don't know. So for what it's worth, the majority of the posts here will remain unlocked and open to all.

I've had a website of my own for nearly ten years, and my own domain for more than half that time (that I share with ninjababe. My fiction archive is there, my blog, my website, my email lists. So if I ever disappear from here, that's where you'll find me :) I'll put a notice on my archive with new contact info if the need ever arises.

I think that about covers it.

A Little Bit Later: Yes, I do know what's caused so many people to lock down their LJs. I'd have had to live in a cave the last few days not to! Last week I'd said to Nin, after hearing about what was happening on MySpace on the news, that LJ was probably next. I believe something similar happened on Yahoo Groups a few years back as well.

Just wanted to clarify I was aware of the current situation.

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