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One More AWE Post

Just a collection of bits and pieces of thoughts from my two viewings. Would love to discuss the movie, so if anyone wants to talk about something I didn't mention, please feel free!

In no darn order at all...

Nice symmetry with Will being killed by the sword he made Norrington. Full circle.

The part before they go over the edge being taken almost wholesale from the ride was a favourite moment. From Barbossa's 'These may be the last friendly words you hear', to the the boat going down the drop (though a much less steep one on the ride!) and ending with the audio from the ride in the blackness.

Nin had the 'Raise the Colours' song in her head since we'd seen it Friday. After a second viewing, we realized why -- it's used as one of the major musical themes in some form (even a waltz time piece) all through the movie. I'm listening to the soundtrack right now, and I have to say it's close to the first one in being my favourite.

I was bummed they killed Norrington, of course, but he died an honourable death. And one that was very much in his character. His 'reply' to Davy Jones spoke volumes.

The wedding was perfect for Will and Elizabeth. And, though you saw bits throughout the movie, it showed how much their relationship with Barbossa had changed in the time that's passed since the end of the last movie.

Mr. Gibbs is the last connection for Elizabeth to that little girl who made the voyage from England.

And of course, the Captain of the Dutchman 'curse'. As you might imagine, we've been batting this around all weekend. My understanding was that Davy Jones cutting his heart out was totally separate from the actual job of ferrying souls on the Dutchman. He did his ten years, went to shore for his lady love, and she wasn't there. Then he cut his heart out. Okay, so did his actions twist the initial charge/curse, made it part of it? It was the ships crew who cut out Will's heart. So that brings me to my post of earlier. According to the writers, on their website, they were asked a question about Will and the curse. Recapping:

"Will is cursed to do the job of ferrying souls for 10 years. When He returns to land on his one day every ten years, if he finds his true love, the curse is broken and he can leave the Dutchman and lead a normal human life on land. Since Elizabeth will be waiting on him when he returns, the curse will be broken. Jones remained cursed because when he came back ten years later, his love wasn't waiting for him and he couldn't be free from the curse. He became so hurt and angry that he cut out his heart and abandoned the soul ferrying job (which is the reason he came to look like a monster)."

So it would seem the heart cutting was separate from the charge of being the captain of the Dutchman. I could see Bootstrap taking over after Will's ten years were done. I do wish that had been made a bit clearer in the film itself. As I said earlier, if I were the Pirate Queen, I would have moved the reunion scene to the movie itself, and Jack on the dinghy to the after the credits scene.

So here is one of the writer's comments on the whole thing:

"...And it turns out that the information we wrote for one of the scenes didn't make it into the final cut (regarding the curse).

Given the lost information, my prior post doesn't apply. You might be able to derive that the curse could be broken from the information in the film, but it would be indeed difficult. "

And another:

Also missing from the final cut:

Jones' statement that when he cut out his heart, *he* put a geis on it, that if someone killed his heart, their heart must take its place.

It doesn't really effect the experience of the movie, but it is an unfortunate omission.

I know there were a bunch of other things, bit that'll do for now!

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A Bit Later: Been reading the script writer's forum and have added some bits from there.

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