Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Proof Of My Peculiarness

I was talking with em_kellesvig and she wanted me to explain 'IT'S A COOKBOOK!!!' -- the comment I made regarding FanLib last week. So I did, and I think she hurt herself laughing. I told her that I'd been on a roll lately, and had caused multiple spew moments on my House list today. See, I had a rant about cutesy pairing nicknames encroaching on every single fandom. Things like 'Spuffy' and 'McShep'. Absolutely nails down a chalkboard! Then I see it in House fandom. There's 'Huddy' and 'Hameron'?!?! What the frell? So that set off my rant to the list. And as email lists do, there's the back and forth replying. The highlights (so to speak):

My comment was 'Hameron' was the newest breakfast sandwich at Denny's.

Then somebody said that she hadn't come across a cutesy name for Jack/Daniel, to which I replied, 'BOURBON!'

Then the subject of Kirk/Spick came up, and a list member said she'd seen them now referred to as 'Spirk'!!!! My response?

[dies a thousand painful deaths] Isn't that like fandom sacrilege or
something? And I'm not even a slasher, and that pains me. Damn kids!

But it got worse! I was informed that some people had seen 'Spork'!! That degenerated into a Taco Bell thread which ended in somebody wondering what House, Wilson and the Ducklings would get at Taco Bell?

Duh! What do you think my response was? FOOD POISONING!

Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week.

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