Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Little Late Now the Season Is Over...

but there's always next season!

Here's the deal -- while I'm watching Grey's and after it's over and I'm pondering it, I always seem to have these little ficlets running around in my head set in my Grey's/HL series. I've never given in to the urge to write one, because it seemed a little weird to want to write a fic to go with each episode. Last night, I really, really wanted to write one. Mostly it was about Emily wanting to celebrate Derek not being Chief -- in an affectionate, teasing way, of course! The urge seems to be growing!

So now I wonder if I should start writing them, get it out my system.

Maybe after I finish the WIP that starts at the end of last season/beginning of this one. It would solidify a little more what's going on with Emily and Methos, so it would (hopefully) tend to make the episode set fics make a little more sense.

I don't know. Just consider this my Friday afternoon ramble into the Twilight Zone!

Tags: fic rambles, grey's anatomy
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