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Do You See What I See?

I meant  to post something about this a few weeks back, and Pat, in the comments of the post below reminded me, so better late than never!

Perception! We all perceive our favourite shows and movies in our own way, especially if you write fic. How many of us have been told that what we've written isn't canon for one reason or another? [raises hand] And then we go to cons, or watch the extra stuff on DVDs and come to discover that we're not the only ones who see things differently. The actors, the directors, the writers. Everyone seems to have their own take.

I was watching Grey's Anatomy nearly three weeks ago, "Blues for Sister Someone", and there's a scene at the end where Derek finds Meredith at the vet's after hours, dressed in the vet's shirt. Now, that whole scene from the character's POV is misconception, but that's not what I wanted to post about. After, Derek goes home to his wife, whom he's supposedly reconciling with, and asks her if she wants to have 'hot sex'. Now, there's lots going on this scene, but what stood out for me was the fact that he was using his wife because he's still not over Meredith. He was so jealous, he couldn't see straight! But then I'm reading the Grey's writer's blog, and when the writer of the episode is discussing the scene, I get the idea I totally wasn't perceiving it the way she did when she wrote it. Of course, that doesn't mean that the director, or the actors weren't seeing it the way I saw it, so I may have been right on in regards to how I perceived that whole scene. I just found that whole realization, one I could track immediately, not a few years after from a DVD, fascinating. The immediacy of the internet!

Then you have to ask: does the immediacy change the way we will end up looking back on the shows we watch? Would Highlander have been different for us as fanfic writers, and devoted fans, if we'd had immediate contact through writer's blogs and such, of the episodes that had just aired? Would we have been influenced by being told that week that what we thought we saw wasn't there at all? Or would we still blissfully go off on our flights of fancy, not caring?

 These are the things one wonders when one has no life on a Saturday afternoon!

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