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SPN & Ugly Betty Two fer One Post

So guess which show kicked me in the gut? It wasn't SPN...

Sam and Dean are the stars, so it wasn't like I didn't know they weren't going to come out the other side. But UB? Damn! I was so not expecting what happened at the end, and I cried and cried. One thing after another over the hour was emotionally wrenching, but that last scene? Dear god. I still can't believe it.

On to SPN... Bobby is da bomb!!!! Please, more Bobby next season! And I'm beginning to think I just might have a tad of Dean/Ellen shippiness in my unshippy soul [g] Overall, an enjoyable episode. I still think Jake caved way to easily.And I had to wonder, if Sam had been the victor, as the YED initially thought, just how was he going to get Sam to do what he wanted him to? That made no sense to me. Jake was a putz, and had no experience dealing with this sort of thing, but Sam?

Loved those few moments of their dad returning. Though I'm getting a little tired of JDM being a freakin ghost! It was practically a repeat of his scene at the end of the last Grey's he was on!

And Dean!?!? Making that deal? I wanted to shake the boy! And I think Bobby wanted to punch him and hug him simultaneously. Can Dean please get some self-esteem next season? Please?

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