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Fall Season Taking on Foreign Air

Can't help but hope that this trend bodes well for Peter's career here.

It's crunch time for TV studios' business affairs departments, but this year it seems as if they're spending as much time preparing work visas for the shows' stars as they do closing deals for new series.

A trend that emerged during the pilot-casting season comes into focus this week when the networks pick up their new series: Foreign actors are playing the leads on a staggering number of new dramas next season.

There have been a few here and there -- Brit Hugh Laurie of "House" and Australian Anthony LaPaglia of "Without a Trace," both Emmy winners for their roles on the shows -- but never quite like this. It's across the board on every network, and it's massive.

The entire article here.

A few names I'm happy to see listed: Miranda Otto and Jack Davenport! Both have TV series. Miranda in 'Cashmere Mafia' and Jack in 'Swingtown'.

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