Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Holby: 'Before the Fall'

A few thought's about this week's eppie...

Our Dan has a real chivalrous streak doesn't he? I've been noting signs of it, but this episode really cemented the the idea for me. He was ready to cover for Kyla! Dan seems to really like women, aside from the obvious. Every week something else happens to just endear him all the more to me.

And the real Methos moment? when Kyla told him she'd told the police the truth, and his reply, "Sure, whatever works for you." Cracked me up!

As for the rest of them... I really felt for Connie. She was dealing with the situation the only way she could. And Elliot is such a dear! and what was with that couple Donna was assigned to? I'm actually liking Donna better these days. And Jac!?!?!? I don't think she was expecting Lord Byrne to be smitten. What a mess she's gotten herself into. And the bright spot of the ep was no Thandie!

Tags: holby city

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