Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Three Interests, Three Icons -- Reply for SharpiesGal

These are the choices sharpiesgal wanted me to explain.

I've always loved dragons, have collected them for years.

Richard Sharpe, played by Sean Bean in the movies. I'm working my way through the books now.

Hugh Laurie
I've been a long time fan of Hugh's since Jeeves & Wooster. No one was more surprised than I was when I read he was going to be in a FOX drama. and I was even more surprised that House, which I loved, actually was popular!

You Shall Not Pass
From a photo of a road sign someone put up somewhere. Gandalf and his infamous line on the bridge in Moria as a road sign tickled my funny bone.

Ruler of All Evil
One of my Grey's Anatomy icons, an early quote from one of my favourite characters, Addison Montgomery Shepherd.

The icon is of Richard Sharpe, but the quote comes from 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas', a truly awful movie that I couldn't even finish watching (twice!) even for Johnny Depp. There's a scene where his character is hallucinating and starts waving away bats and manta rays. Shift forward to Return of the king, and there's a scene where Frodo, in Mordor, makes startlingly similar hand movements. I looked at ninjababe and whispered,"Damn bats!". Shift again to me looking at caps from a Sharpe movie, and something about the expression on his face reminded me of that Frodo scene. What can I say? My mind is a scary place!

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