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Three Interests, Three Icons Response for Mischief

My replies for em_kellesvig below the cut.

Dangerous Beauty
One of my favourite movies, about one of my favourite women, Veronica Franco, who was a sixteenth century Venetian courtesan. If you like costume dramas, Dangerous Beauty is a real winner. It's absolutely gorgeous to look at.

A British TV series from the late seventies/early eighties, starring the delicious Roy Marsden. He plays Neil Burnside, the head of an elite group inside MI6 during the Cold War. As Burnside says, ""If you want James Bond, go to a library." This is the gritty, harsh reality of spying. It remains one of my all time favourite series.

Tall Ships
I love boats and ships, I love the water. I've been out twice on a Tall Ship, the Lady Washington, and I loved every minute of it. My first experience was as a child during Fleet Week in San Francisco, and I got to sail on the Coast Guard sailing ship.

Danger Kitten
A cute picture of a kitten I had, and I thought it called for something silly to go along with it.

Blue Girl
One of my many Japanese art icons. Afraid I don't know anything detailed about the art it's from.

Shoot Low
Dr. Helm from Queen of Swords. There's a line in Kung Pao Theater by Brad Paisley that has the line "Shoot low boys, they're riding Shetland ponies" which made me think of Kronos and the gang riding ponies, which eventually led to the icon. It's my humour icon.

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