Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Meme Of My Own

This was inspired by my post here. Decided it could be an actual meme, or at least a way to relieve afternoon boredom!

Share a list of demands fic challenge you'd like to read.

Duncan MacLeod adopts a ten year old Harry Potter after the Dursleys are killed in a dirigible accident.

Duncan makes Methos Harry's godfather

Harry has amnesia.

Harry speaks a strange language.

Harry doesn't know anything about magic.

Duncan has a plastic surgeon remove the scar on his forehead.

Harry should wear green a lot since it makes his eyes pretty.

When Harry turns 18, he and Methos run off together. They've been in love like forever.

Duncan should enter a monastery to get over it.

Harry has nightmares where he speaks the strange language in his sleep, and Methos and Harry keep waking up with snakes all over their bed. They don't go camping anymore because of this.

On holiday in London, Methos and Harry are attacked by DEATH EATERS!! And Harry's scar comes back, burning and smoking his flesh like a brand! It makes Harry cry. Methos should comfort Harry. Then they should run into Snape, who will take them back to Hogwarts.

Methos should know Snape from when they were in a harem together in ancient Egypt (Snape is Immortal too!) Harry will be jealous. Methos should comfort Harry. This is where I'd like to see a Methos/Harry/Snape scene. You can have more than one of these if you like.

Oh, and Methos should wear chocolate brown a lot too.

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