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Pillaged from elychari.

As I told Elychari, I should probably change the first one from 'six pairs I love' to 'six pairs I can deal with if I have to' [g] Gods, I really am so anti-shippy [sigh]

6 Pairs I love am moderatly fond of:
1. Jane Eyre/Mr. Rochester
2. Buffy/Angel
3. Willow/Tara
4. Mal/Inara
5. Addison/Callie
6. Derek/Addison

3 Pairs I used to love, but don't any longer:
1. Wracks brain... Uhhhh...
2. Derek/Meredith! Thought of one. Go me.

3 Pairs I hate:
1. Mulder/Scully
2. Jack O'Neill/Samantha Carter
3. Methos/Duncan
And an honourable mention: Harm/Sarah(Mac)

2 Pairs I'm curious about:
1. House/Cameron
2. Jack Harkness/The real Jack Harkness

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