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02 May 2007 @ 10:39 am
Three Interests, Three Icons - Part II  
And now for the next three volunteers on the list:


Interests: Fudge, Guns, Scott Joplin

Icons: George Even If, NPC Caridad Torres, Pretendy Fun Time Games

sophiedb (who doesn't have many interests listed, BTW)

Interests: Dorset, Bournemouth, Travel

Icons: Sluggy, Cheese, Jon


Interests: Common Rotation, Lip Gloss, Candles

Icons: Coffee Leads To Sex, Purple Alert, Book Group

Three more later!

Sinanjusinanju on May 2nd, 2007 07:35 pm (UTC)
Interests: Fudge, Guns, Scott Joplin

Fudge is a role-playing game system. The core rules are very simple, though there are plenty of optional rules and variants available so you can make it as complex as you like. Afte many years playing (and running) GURPS, I find this system very refreshing.

Guns: What can I say? I like guns. They're marvels of engineering. They're fun to shoot. They can be handy in an emergency. I'm a radical Second Amendment supporter.

Scott Joplin: I love listening to ragtime piano music, mostly Scott Joplin's works. I also like playing it (when I'm in practice--which, alas, I haven't been for longer than I like to think about). I like the bouncy nature of ragtime music and I admire the technical skill it requires to play it well.

Icons: George Even If, NPC Caridad Torres, Pretendy Fun Times Games

George Even If: I play George Lass (from Dead Like Me) in an LJ RPG community (Crossing_Lostrp), among other characters. That was one of the earlier icons I snagged for posting George's POV. I don't use it often; it's mostly for events where, well, the icon applies--sometimes even if you see it coming, you can't change it.

NPC Caridad Torres: There are NPCs on the island in the aforementioned game. We sometimes used a generic NPC icon, but we also sometimes "cast" a face for a given NPC. This is one that I used a few times when I needed an outsider's point of view of what one or another of my characters was doing.

Pretendy Fun Time Games: I borrowed this icon from the same journal where I read (and linked to) this rant. Sometimes players get too wrapped up in a game, or in their characters, or in the relationships between characters and/or players and forget that these are just games we play to have fun. I use this icon occasionally to subtly (or not so subtly) remind people that they're getting worked up over what is, when all is said and done, a pretendy fun time game.
Ith: Media  - Sharpe: Swordithildyn on May 2nd, 2007 10:34 pm (UTC)
So nothing to do with candy then [g]
Sinanjusinanju on May 3rd, 2007 01:20 am (UTC)
Uh...not really, no. :D
Kay: d/m -- rules of engagementsilvercobwebs on May 2nd, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
Common Rotation

CoRo are a folk band headed by Adam Busch (a recurring baddie in the sixth season of Buffy, who is actually a very lovely guy with a great voice). They do great folk rock.


I'm a sucker for a nice shade of gloss. I suppose it makes me feel pretty *g* I don't know why I have so much, but the stuff is addictive!


I love the sight of a candle's flame. Not to mention a nice scented candle. It's a very calming experience, as well as a superficial link to the past - it's a form of light that hasn't changed much over the last few thousand years, and that's rather comforting to me.

Coffee leads to sex

Everyone asks about this one! *g* It's an icon from the lovely silvertaste who made it for me as part of an interests meme. My interest was 'coffee', and she, er, jumped to the logical conclusion?

Purple Alert

A line from the derranged computer Holly, in the Brit TV series Red Dwarf. It's a good random icon.

Book Group

Both of the icons referencing this are from another Brit TV show, which, strangely enough, was about a book group - started by an American living in Glasgow - and the ins and outs of their lives. Very funny, very bittersweet at times. It doesn't get enough love.

Phew! What a monster reply!
Ith: Japan - Lipsithildyn on May 2nd, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC)
I bought two great new lip glosses at Sephora while I was on vacation! Really pretty! This one (#23), and this one (Beijing)
Sophie: stargatesophiedb on May 3rd, 2007 08:38 am (UTC)
You're right, I don't have many interests.. hmm.. should fix that one day.


Bournemouth: my home town, next door to the town I live in now (Poole) *lol* I go halfway round the world and end up near home. The town's name literally means "stream mouth", with a tiny little stream known as the River Bourne (oxymoron!) flowing through the town centre and into the sea. It's a nice enough place despite being very touristy with very little history - a 200 year old town sandwiched between two (Christchurch and Poole) that are approx. 1000 and 2000+ respectively. Trouble is that most people in Britain have heard of the upstart, but not the other two - sacrilege - and are generally under the impression that Bournemouth is a town full of retirees and drunken students. Sadly, they are also correct.

Dorset: my home county *lol* Historically Bournemouth wasn't part of Dorset - the boundaries were changed 30-odd years ago - but as far as I'm concerned I'm a Dorset girl before being a Bournemouth girl. Beautiful, beautiful countryside with truly amazing coastal geology - World heritage Site! - and full of history (Celtic forts and burial sites, Roman invasion/massacre, wreckers on the beaches), Thomas Hardy's novels and funky local words like "grockle" (="tourist"). My parents used to take my brother and I on cycle rides or walks from an early age, visiting various villages (and their pubs) every sunny Sunday, regardless of the season *lol* I will truly miss Dorset when we finally move to NZ.

Travel: hehe, my passport is my friend. I love travelling. I think I've visited something 25-30 countries so far, though further explorations have been stalled by domesticity. We used to visit my grandparents in France a lot when I was little, then I started venturing out on my own with school trips to Germany, Italy, Austria.. Next up was Kenya/Tanzania, a roadtrip across the US and the biggest "holiday" of all, a one year visit to Australia that became three! And I still didn't see the whole bloody country *rolls eyes* I definitely need to travel more, especially Asia, S America and more of Africa.



Sluggy: this is my "pissed off" icon, featuring the ever-lovable (read: psychotic) Bun-bun. I used to read Sluggy online religiously, then stopped when I went to Australia and my internet access fell apart. Apparently the comic isn't half as good as it was, now, but I remember splitting my sides back at uni and that's good enough for me :)

Cheese: need you ask? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeese.. something I really really really want to eat. Soon. The end is nigh. Anyway, yes, cheese: anything smellier than old boots, gooier than melted chocolate (mmm.. chocolate..) and/or mouldier than a compost bin. Yummy yummy yummy. This icon is usually reserved for foodie type posts/comments or something cheesy in a corny way, though the wording - "vive le fromage!" - is me taking the mick out of "vive la France!", so it can get used in relation to anything French too.

Jon: like sinanju, I play in the crossing_lostrp playground (though I've slacked a lot recently due to lack of energy). Jack O'Neill's clone was one of my first characters, whom I gave the name of Jon Murphy, and he can be lots of fun to play when I'm in a snarky mood.. which is most of the time. He's done a pretty good job of hiding his age and being the world's most irritating not-teenager :) I reckon the odd mini!Jack appearance on SG1 would have been fun, but the lack of canon regarding what he did with his "new life" is excellent bunny-fodder :)

Also, sinanju's Fun Pretendy Time Games icon is great. I love it when that one pops up to remind incipient drama queens that we're meant to be LAUGHING and that any character-torture is just that: nothing to do with their player. Thankfully most people in CL are adult..
Ith: Art - Lily Pondithildyn on May 3rd, 2007 07:55 pm (UTC)
I've always wanted to visit Dorset.