Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I Am Such A Sap

So I'm watching the recap Grey's episode (and isn't Jeffrey Dean Morgan just the most adorable thing ever?) and the end it with the premiere of a new song/video by Brandi Carlile. Now you know how much I love her music, and that it inspires a lot of fic for me. The stupid thing made me all weepy. I really am a sap. and now I want to write another Methos/Emily story. A new one. not the WIP in the series I already have. I think when Grey's ends in May for the season I need to do a marathon, and then write a crapload of Grey's/HL stories. So much happens from show to show, I have a hard time keeping up well enough to write fic set during actual episodes.

I'll stop babbling now. Maybe I'll write the fic.

Tags: fic rambles, grey's anatomy, methos

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