Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

SG1: The End

And, I've finally seen the last episode of Stargate.

I know there's going to be two movies, but this all seemed like 'The End'. I got way more emotional than I expected. Starting with the destruction of the Asgard, which really upset me, especially that Jack wasn't there. By the time we got to the last scene, I was crying. Oh, and I hated Daniel for how he treated Vala -- it really seemed so OOC. Daniel has never been a favourite of mine, but even I expected better from him than how he acted. and now, it's all over, except for a few straight to DVD movies [sigh] all that's left is Atlantis, which while I enjoy it, isn't SG1 and doesn't have that place in my fangirl heart.

Tags: sg1

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