Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Probably a Little Late

Since everyone else has already posted about and discussed The Shakespeare Code, but if you aren't completely done with the subject...

We really loved last night's episode. Lots and lots of laugh out loud moments. and it's so much more enjoyable being able to watch it with ninjababe, instead of alone like last year.

I'm loving Martha! she's shaping up to be a fave companion along with Sara Jane, Tegan, and Nyssa. I could have done with less of the maudlin Rose bits though! Enough already! Bleah.

Favourite line? Probably the 'Fifty seven academics punch the air'. Though some of the HP references were amusing as well.

Anyone know offhand who the actress was that played the main witch? The red headed one. I know I've seen her before somewhere.

"I'm a Doctor!"

"So am I! Almost."

Tags: doctor who

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