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Less than three weeks till vacation! I can not wait!

House was amazingly good last night. It made me cry.

My writing muse seems to have fled to parts unknown [sigh]

Remember we were talking about the character of Mike on Blood Ties and the mental images of him? I'm currently reading the third book, and the woman he's questioning thinks to her self that when he was younger he must have looked like Michaelangelo's 'David', so maybe the TV casting is fairly spot on?

I wish I had the money for a shopping spree. I have such an urge to go to San Francisco for the weekend and buy clothes and shoes. Not that I have any use for nice clothes or shoes, but it doesn't stop me from wanting them [g] What I really want is a nice leather trench coat, short, not long.

And I want to go to London -- the one in England, not the one in Ontario. Hard to believe it's been twelve years since the last trip.

Should I read or make icons? Considering I maxed out my icon space with the one on this post tonight, I guess I need to start weeding some out first!

Anyone else sing when they're home alone?

This year's LCA will be in Los Angeles, and I may even get to go!

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