Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


Remember last month I had to reclose because I hadn't been given a big order to invoice? Well guess what? I just had to redo the Feb. statement all over again to credit the really big job I had to redo it all for in the first place!! Irritated doesn't even begin to cover it right now. And don't even get me started on March's statement. I've been working on this since 830am this morning, and I'm still waiting for a final answer on a few things from our head office.

Oh, and in amongst all this, one of the techs comes to whine at me because we're out of frickin hot chocolate! Like I bloody care! Go to the effing store and buy yourself some. Even having hot chocolate provided is a perk, not a right. The company sure doesn't pay for my tea -- I buy it myself. So go buy some damn cocoa at the damn store to hold you over till I put a supply order in. Because I'm bloody well not doing a special order just for your chocolate drink! /vent

Tags: ranty mcrant
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