Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

And It's Sunday Afternoon Already

Time flies.

Got my hair cut yesterday, and it's SHORT! Went from nearly shoulder length to just a few inches on top of my head. Then we went to the mall and treated ourselves to a late lunch as California Pizza Kitchen. I did work through my list -- got a new bra with my ten dollar off coupon from VS, and the bottle of orange ginger shower wash from Bath and Body works. We also went into Hot Topic -- of course! -- and I got the most adorable Bambi shirt with Flower on it. Now I have a shirt with Bambi, Thumper and Flower! Yes, I love Bambi. Then we went grocery shopping, and I have lots of food to turn into meals today. When we came home, I watched the first episode of Christy, and then we watched Dr. Who. Love, love, love Martha! Initially because she wasn't Rose, but now for herself. What a refreshing change! Really looking forward to this season! And yes, I had all sorts of Holby City/Dr. Who xover ideas while watching. I'm pathetic.

Today mostly consisted of trying to fix the CSS and Java code that fried on my blog when it was upgraded. I hate Six Apart today. I swear, they took a perfectly good piece of blogging software with Movable Type and turned it into a piece of junk. If I'd known how awful the new version was going to be, I never would have gone for the upgrade. Anyway, I finally quit because my eyes were starting to cross.

So now Nin's up, and I have chores to do and cooking for tonight and the week to get to. The writing I'd planned didn't happen, obviously. And I know I owe all sorts of replies in my comments, but that may not happen till tomorrow at this rate.

Tags: doctor who, now about me

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