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I started out the week in a good mood, which is always a bad thing, because it never lasts. Grrr! Just lots of little annoying things building into one big annoying things as the days pass. Employees who seem to have forgotten to grow up and act like adults, making even me, who's usually very even tempered at work snap their heads off. It really has been adult daycare this week.

My cat, who cried every other hour all night, so I got hardly any sleep.

The headache I currently have which is making me grumpy. (Which I just realized is probably caused by my very painful right jaw. It started yesterday and is really painful today. It's all puffy and it hurts and hurts worse when I open my mouth)

Getting ready for month end closing so I'm feeling hassled in general. Feeling sorry for myself and feeling unappreciated.

Yeah, I'm being pathetic today.

Okay, look at the bright side? I get my hair cut tomorrow!! And there was much rejoicing. A trip to the mall to get See's Easter eggs! Coupons to use at the Limited and Victoria's Secret. The awesome suede coat I got on Ebay for $9.99 that is just freaking perfect and gorgeous. The Forever Knight and Holby icons I plan to make tonight. Not to mention the booze I intend to consume. Blue Cheese Sauce chicken I'm making for dinner Sunday.

That better?

Maybe I'll find some nice new Methos without Duncan fic to read over lunch... That would be lovely. Anyone hiding such under a bushel somewhere? Maybe in say, Ireland? [weg] Or New York perhaps? Can't blame a girl for trying!

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