Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Holby: What Lies Beneath & Bedlam

First up, 'What Lies Beneath'

The relationship between Dan and Maddy is so cool. I hope we get more of this sort of thing in the future. I love that they're friends -- partners in crime even [g] -- and that (so far at least) it's not a sexual relationship. Score one for best buddies! And I sure hope they keep it that way.

Dan's Elvis impression --!

Dan getting Ric to leave by asking Thandie for a drink. Smart man, our Mr. Clifford!

I never saw enough of Ric before he left, but was he always so paranoid, spying on his colleagues, etc?

Is the bar actually in the hospital? I've wondered for a while if was, but this time it sure seemed like it must be. And if so, how come we don't have bars in our hospitals?!?! No fair! [g]

I quite liked Maria in this one.

Faye and her dead husband. And Jac and Joseph. What I don't get is why, if Lord Byrne was sick and had to stay in the UK, he didn't send another consultant in his place? That part made no sense to me. Who did he think was going to do the operation? Maybe Lord Byrne assumed there'd be a consultant level surgeon there in Dubai to supervise?

And moving on to 'Bedlam'

Mmmm.... angry commanding Dan! As long as it's not me he's mad at, it was quite sexy [g]And again, Matt is a friggin moron. Do you think Dan will actually give him an out eventually, or will he totally wash his hands of him?

Anyone else think Faye's pregnant? And Joseph paying for her legal bills. I kind of like Faye and Joseph as a couple -- anyone but Jac.

Dan seems to be quite a good teacher.

I wonder if Lola told Dan that she knew about Matt and Nicki, but gave Matt a second chance? She'd probably get in trouble for that, so maybe not.

Sutherland sure blew Lola off about Thandie, huh?

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