Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Shiny New Zodiac

Seen at viridian's, with the entire zodiac here.


From the land of Hello Kitty, tentacle porn, and eggs in vending machines, comes the most lethal class of martial artist known to humanity. Fucking odd, that.

Personality: "But how can a person be a ninja during the sunniest month of the year?" one may ask. That moment of confusion gives you a chance to slit their throat. Besides, it's hard to move silently up walls and across rooftops if you're wearing snow pants.

Career Choices: Ninja.

Love Signs: Vampires are also Creatures Of The NightTM, but beware their jealous tendencies. Silence is your deadliest weapon, but you'd still better answer the question "Does this velvet bustier make me look fat?" and you sure as hell had better answer it correctly.

ninjababe will be very jealous!

Tags: silly stuff

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