Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Next Weekend Then

We were supposed to go see 300 again today, and go to the mall so I can get See's Easter Eggs, but ninjababe really wanted to see the Mutant Teenage Turtle movie, which I have zero interest in seeing. So, I sent her off to go see it while I stay home and make pot beans and then turn them into the sauce for Enfrijoladas.

Other than that, I found Magnum PI playing on some new channel they've added to the satellite service, so I watched that for old time's sake. Then talked to my mum in Utah for a bit. She said the fruit trees are absolutely covered in blossoms and that the fruit is already forming. Looks like they'll have a bumper crop this year! I'm already being sent home with a bunch of fruit brandy after our upcoming trip in April because she had so much fruit last year. So we shall be hip deep in fruit products this year, me thinks!

Now I suppose I should start making the sauce.

Oh, yeah, a bit of added trivia to my post of yesterday: the actress that plays Vicki on the "Blood Ties" series was also the motorcycle cop that ticketed Schanke in "Close Call", in addition to playing Jeanne d'Arc. First episode of FK I ever saw.

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