Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

You Do A Better Job

I've decided that, based on the responses here, that if you all were in charge of my love life, I might actually have one!

I seem to be suffering from default icon-itist! I used to go months with the same one, but the last two weeks, I keep switching them out to whatever is the newest one to strike my fancy. For some reason, I have more true loves from the last few batches than usual.

Got the truck back from the mechanic, and for once, the bill was under $300. So we don't have to rent a car to go to Jen's this weekend. We're going to go see 300, and do the drinking, eating, hot tubbing, watch DVDs, thing we usually do. Initially, we were going to try and destress while watiing for the results of Nin's medical tests, but now it's to celebrate. She was cleared yesterday of all the really bad things that were suspected initially. Now, they don't know what's actually wrong, but still good news! Now I can start to breath again. Which is good, because the stress the last few weeks hasn't been fun.

Tags: now about me
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