Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Miss Misery

That's me today. I'll spare you the gory details, suffice to say, I'm feeling miserable and stayed home from work.

Even my dreams are miserable! I took some medication and went back to bed this morning, and not a happy moment was had in dreamland.

I can't even have fun in my dreams! Apparently, I was on some sort of PWFC trip to Alaska. No, I don't know why Alaska, my subconscious is just odd. It was on the coast, though I don't know what city. At some point, we must have gone for a walk by the waterfront, and I got some sort of decayed fish gut gel on my clothes and on me. Ewww! So, that meant I had to change, wash, etc. But the actual tour was leaving, so I didn't get to go. Hours later, everyone comes back, and I'm not smelling like rotted fish anymore, and Peter walks past me and says, "At least you don't stink anymore." I was absolutely mortified. Then I woke up.

So promise me if we ever go to Alaska, you guys will keep me away from any decayed fish guts?

On a happier note, I saved a bunch of vintage fashion, vintage Hollywood sorts of pics last night and am thinking of doing a run of vintage styled icons. Might be a nice change.

Tags: now about me

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