Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Drabble: 'Don't You Dare Laugh! II'

Okay, so I did a followup/sequelette.

The first one can be found here.

Don't You Dare Laugh! II


“Bullets? Was there some sort of firearm involved, or just bullets?” Methos asked wryly.

Annabeth punched his shoulder. “Chicago, 1924, gunned down at a speakeasy, okay?”

“Gangster’s moll, hmm?”

Sighing, she pushed herself up, sitting against the headboard. “Taking out the garbage.”

“Such a delightful gangster euphemism.”

“No, I was taking out the damn garbage! Sometimes I served drinks, but mostly I was the cleaning woman after closing. “

“So you took out the garbage and…?”

“Walked right into the middle of a gangland shootout.”

His laughter could be heard through the pillow as she tried to smother him.


Tags: annabeth avery, drabbles, fic, highlander, methos
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