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I haven't been posting here since I've turned into some sort of comment slut on other people's LJs. Not sure why, but maybe I'm in a mood. And my poor neglected blog! I need to do some making up in that regard soon. There's just so many hours in the day, and only so many tired brain cells.

Plans for the weekend? Plan a menu for the next two weeks so I can complete my shopping list. Fun! And then the dreaded cleaning of the apartment. Catch up on the DVR, try to figure out how to DL torrents, eat something, drink more tea, get dressed at some point, and maybe get some writing done.

I'm really struggling with the story I'm currently working on. It needs to be finished, it really does. It's the third part of a trilogy, and there are people waiting so patiently for me to post it. So I feel guilty. It's been two years, so I deserve to feel guilty. Unfinished fic guilt! I started writing it before my nearly three year writing dry spell, and though I totally revised it when I started again in Dec. I think part of it is not being in the same mental 'place' I was when I started the trilogy. But I don't want the characters to seem schizophrenic, so I'm trying very hard to keep the mood and tones matching -- does that make sense? -- and I think that's where I'm hitting a wall. And my brain is off wandering to other stories I want to write, so that doesn't help either. There are parts I love, so I don't hate the story, it's just getting it to the finish line. I'm particularly fond of the interaction between Methos and Jack Sparrow, but no one will ever read it if I don't get cracking! Yes, I'm rambling. I have eye pain today, so I'm not focusing properly.

Which brings us back to long comments! If I'm writing comments and posting, I'm avoiding working on the fic!

If you got to the end of this post, congrats!

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