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Let It Go?

My Holby/HL fic, as I mentioned last night, is coming along great, maybe too great actually. In fact, I have a bit of a problem, I seem to have lost the reins and it's running a muck and getting way longer and more complicated than I ever intended. So, do I rein it back in, keep it short and simple, or do I let it go where it wants to? Stupid voices!

And here's a question for you: flashbacks -- what's your preferred method as a reader or a writer for setting them off? I've tried a few different ways over the years, and was going to try something new this time around, but I'm not sure. I'm never entirely happy with my choice, so I thought I'd toss it out to you all.

And then there's this song! I went hunting for the lyrics and found the artist's My Space page. It played on this last Grey's and oddly enough, it's practically a theme song for the story I'm writing. It's really strange how well the lyrics fit. The song is called Swans, and if you go here, you can listen to it. There's a player over on the far right hand side of the page. I may have to actually get the CD, Sugar & Spite -- I love the title! And I really like what I've heard off it so far.

Swans by Unkle Bob

By my side,
you'll never be.
By my side,
you'll never be.

Cos I'm fake at the seams,
I'm lost in my dreams.
I want you to know,
that I can't let you go.

And you're never coming home again,
And you're never coming home again.

By my side,
you'll never be.
By my side,
you'll never be.

I wanted to tell you I'd changed.
I wanted to tell you that things would be different this time.

But I see you, you see me,


I see you, you see me,


You tell me that you love me but you never want to see me again.

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