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For Those Keeping Score

I did actually write about a page of my story for holbycitylounge last night/this morning. I might have written more, but it was 230am, and ninjababe had come home from work, so I figured it was time for bed and she would want the computer.

I think it's okay, though it was much, I don't know... darker? in my brain than how it's coming out on the screen. I think I liked it better when it was darker, but I can't force it. It will be what it will be. No idea if I will be able to finish it by Wednesday's deadline, but that's what extensions are for, right? Well, that, and making your hair longer.

When Nin gets up, I need to clean the kitchen, put laundry away, think about what we're going to do for dinner. I'm thinking some sort of French Toast. I have a recipe for Pain Perdu I'm quite fond of, so maybe I'll make that. Assuming I have almonds in the cupboard.

Then I'm going to make her watch The Source. I believe in sharing the pain. Yes, I'm evil.

And now, I'm procrastinating. Okay, off to try and wrote some more. But more tea first.

Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, just stuff

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