Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

"Come Hang At Grey's"

Marti Noxon on her first episode. And of course, no Grey's episode is ever complete without reading the Writer's Blog, but this one, you have to go read.

See, I'll give you a snippet, the part without spoilers:

.... But, honestly, I needed a good call. I was working on a soon-to-be Ill-fated pilot. Before that it was a brief and ill-fated stay on an otherwise successful ABC show. And before that I launched a brief and ill-fated series for Fox. And before that I worked on a… brief and ill-fated series for Fox.

We see a pattern.

Buffy was good. Can we talk about Buffy?

Problem is – Buffy was a long time ago. She lives on –- Season 8 soon to be in comic book form… But, in my nightmares, I’m 90 at a Buffy convention, and nobody wants my autograph. They’re all in line to see virtual Joss, who has invented a way to put his brain in a jar on a floaty thing, live forever and be funnier and more prolific than everybody for THE REST OF ALL TIME. I love Joss, but it’s hard being his friend.

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