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WIP Amnesty: Alone Is The Last Place I Wanted To Be

Because I'm a lemming :) This is for the wip_amnesty

This was the next in my series of *Highlander/Grey's Anatomy fics. I started writing it at the end of second season of GA, and then it just sort of died. Or at the very least, it's pining for the Fjords! Part of the problem is that the story in the series I really want to write is 70 years in the future, and this one is suffering for it. Will I ever finish it? I have no idea. I haven't touched it since last summer, so odds are... not. Maybe when S3 of Grey's is over, I might get a jolt of inspiration.

I don't think think this is more than a PG13, anything that strays over is mostly innuendo.

Alone is the Last Place I Wanted to Be

Emily pressed a glass of water into her friend’s hand, putting her other arm around Addison’s shoulders comfortingly. Addison Shepherd had arrived on her doorstep near to tears a short time before, and had succumbed to them after sinking onto the small loveseat in Emily’s living room. Now the tears had stopped and she sipped at the water Emily had brought her, occasionally dabbing her eyes with the wad of tissue she held in her other hand.

“I’m losing him, Emmy.” She shook her head sharply. “I can’t compete with Meredith Grey. I confronted him today; made a scene in the middle of the hospital. Everyone heard me – she heard me.”

“Derek loves you, you know he does,” she protested. “You’re both just going through a rough patch. It will pass.” Emily tried to reassure the other woman. “I’m sorry. I wish I’d been at the hospital this week. Been there for you, for Derek.”

“How were you supposed to know your week off was going to coincide with our marriage falling apart?”

“Don’t say that! You’ll work it out.”

Addison looked sidelong at her friend. “Like you worked out your marriage?”

“That’s not fair, Addy! It’s not the same, you know its not.”

“No, you were dying and I slept with my one of my husband’s best friends. But you’re the one divorced.”

“Yes, I am. Sometimes things are too broken to fix. Our marriage was one of them,” Emily said quietly. “But we’re not talking about me and Adam, we’re talking about you and Derek.” She tried to move the conversation back to the topic at hand. The last thing she wanted to talk about was ‘Adam’ and their marriage.

But her friend didn’t take the hint. “You don’t even realize it, Em! You’ve never known what it’s like for your husband to not even see you, to be desperate for him to pay even a little attention to you! I would give anything for my husband to look at me with even a quarter of the desire your ex-husband looks at you with,” Addison said the last bitterly. Emily began to protest, but Addison cut her off. “No, Emmy, you know it’s true. Admit it; you haven’t even looked at another man since you broke up. All you see is Adam, he’s the only one you want – the only one you’ve ever wanted -- and yet you persist in cutting him out of your life!”

Emily didn’t answer. She couldn’t even object, not when she knew that what Addison said was nothing but the truth. Since that night nearly two weeks prior when she and Methos had almost made love, before he’d walked out, telling her he needed more than she was willing to give him, she had done nothing but wonder if they could start over. God knew she still loved him, but she didn’t know if she could ever trust him again. Didn’t know if she could ever move past the memory of him running a dagger into her heart to trigger her immortality despite her wishes to the contrary. But of course, Addison didn’t know about any of that. She and Derek thought their friends had broken up over Emily’s unorthodox treatment choices when she’d been diagnosed with a terminal illness. As far as they knew, Emily had gone into remission and was now perfectly healthy.

Addison’s hand covered hers. “I’m sorry, Em,” she said softly. “I’m not being fair, and I’m not being your friend.”

“It’s okay, Addy.”

“No, it’s not. You never judged me for sleeping with Mark, even though you’ve known Derek since you were kids. You would have had every right to condemn me for what I did, but you only ever were my friend, and Derek’s. You didn’t take sides, just loved us both.”

“That’s what family’s for, remember?”

Addison nodded. “Yeah.”

“And it’s family that will get you through this. You’re Derek’s family, you have so much history together, and he knows that. So do you.”

Taking a deep breath, the other woman squared her shoulders. “When I came here today, I was going to ask you if you would tell me if you knew Derek was sleeping with her. But I’m not going to do that now. I owe you way too much to put you in that position.”

“Oh, Addy…” She leaned in, hugging her friend. “I would be the last person Derek would ever tell. His ‘little sister’ who would rip him a new one if she ever found out.” Her tone left no doubt that there would be hell to pay if she ever found out Derek was cheating on his wife.

“I don’t know why, but that’s oddly reassuring,” Addison laughed, a little shaky, but it was a real laugh. Emily laughed as well, before stiffening slightly as the feeling of another Immortal presence washed over her. “Something wrong?”

“No, just thought I heard a car,” Emily dissembled. “I wasn’t expecting company.” Then the doorbell rang, Odds were it was Duncan or Methos, but Emily never took that for granted, even living on Holy Ground.

“I guess you did,” Addison said.

“Be right back,” she said as she headed out of the sitting room to the front door. Peering out the peephole, Emily relaxed a little when she saw it was indeed Methos, but not completely. Though things had gotten better between the two of them over the intervening months, it was still complicated and confusing. She took a deep breath and opened the door, Methos leaning nonchalantly against the doorjamb, looking entirely at ease. But she could see the tiny lines of strain around his eyes and knew he was just as conflicted as she was. Though he’d acquiesced to her demand for a divorce and an annulment, he hadn’t truly accepted it.

‘Welcome home,” was all he said, smiling at her. He didn’t touch her, but his eyes did, and she felt her heart clench a little, part of her admitting just how easy it would be to relent, to let him back into her life.

“This is a surprise.” Dropping her eyes, she backed up, letting him in. “Addy’s here,” she added.

“Yeah, I saw her car in the drive.” He followed her down the hall, back into the sitting room.

“Adam!” Addison held out her hand, drawing him down to sit next to her.

“Addy.” Methos kissed her lightly on the forehead. “How are you?” he asked with not a little concern.

“I take it you witnessed my tantrum on the mezzanine?” He nodded. “Was the entire hospital in the lobby?” she asked in frustration.

“Pretty much,” he told her, laughing.

“What? You’re going to make fun of me?” she asked in mock offense.

Squeezing her arm fondly, he said brightly, “That was the plan.” He picked up Addison’s glass from the coffee table. “What are we drinking?” He took a sip, his face wrinkling in distaste. “Water? She’s making you drink water?” Leaning in, he said in a loud whisper, “Emmy spends too much time in convents.” Addison started to giggle uncontrollably. “She does!”

“Very funny,” Emily said rolling her eyes at their antics. “I’ll have you know I offered Addison an alcoholic beverage.”

“She did,” Addison confirmed, catching her breath. “But I have to go back to the hospital, so I turned her down.”

“Well, I don’t have to go back to the hospital, so…” He looked over at the bar meaningfully.

Shaking her head, Emily asked, “Would you like a drink, Adam?”

“Why yes, thank you, I would!” He leaned back; his long legs sprawled out in front of him.

Emily brought him a bottle of scotch and a glass. “Knock yourself out.” She perched on the arm of the loveseat next to Addison.

Methos poured the amber liquid into his glass, taking a sip. Then he asked, “So, what are we talking about?”

“About how Derek is not having an affair, and that everything is going to be fine,” Emily replied firmly.

“And how Emmy will eviscerate him if she finds out he is,” Addison added dryly.

“That’s my girl!” Methos grinned cheekily at his ex-wife. Then he said to Addison, “And just make a note, Addy my love, that if Derek breaks your heart, I’m always here for you.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively causing Addison to start giggling again.

“Hey! Get in line. I have dibs on her, thank you very much. Don’t forget our secret passion.” Emily put her arm around Addison’s shoulder.

“Come on you two! No need to fight over me.”

“I agree – after all, I have a very large bed back at my place. Plenty of room for all three of us,” he said, leering a little at the two redheads.

“Okay!” Addison stood up. “Not that isn’t the best offer I’ve had in a very long time, but I think on that note, it’s time for me to go!”

Emily hugged her friend, seeing her out. She returned to the sitting room, leaning against the doorframe. “And she thought you were kidding.”

Methos looked at her innocently. “And you think I wasn’t?”

Emily snorted, moving farther into the room. “I’ve seen your collection of ‘porn through the ages’, remember?”

“Erotica, love, erotica,” he corrected in lofty tone before pouring more scotch into his glass, grinning unrepentantly.


And that's all, folks!

*The other three being: Irreconcilable Differences, Seriously, and The Tragedy We Knew As The End.

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