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'Wrapped Around Her Finger' (01/01)

Yes, I was writing the final part of 'Family Business', but the muse took me by the throat, and I wrote this tonight instead.

I really love writing these stories with Methos and his 'daughter' Lucia. We last saw her in 'Monsters' (and no, I haven't forgotten where I left her), and tonight, she started chattering till I wrote this.

Hope you like it.

'Wrapped Around Her Finger'

“Daddy,” Lucia’s voice intruded on Methos’ perusal of the ancient Vulcan text he was reading.

He glanced up, taking in her expression, his lips thinning. “Absolutely not!”



“You don’t even know what I’m going to ask!” she protested.

Methos marveled at how a grown woman, a Starfleet captain, could sound so much like a ten-year-old. “I don’t need to!” he shot back.

“That’s so unfair!”

“Didn’t I ever teach you, little one? Life isn’t fair,” he replied dryly. “Uh uh!” He pushed back his chair, waving a finger at the tall, red haired young woman. “Don’t even start, Lucia. The last time you had that look on your face, you were sixteen and you convinced me to let you go to Risa with your friends. When your mother came back from her trip off-planet, I slept on the couch for a month!”

She moved a little closer to his desk. “But this is so important to me, daddy.” She dropped her eyes, hunching her shoulders.

Methos sighed, willing himself to be strong. “What’s so important, poppet?” he finally asked, despite himself.

“The First Sunrise Ball, it’s next week.”


“And I want to go with Jack.”

The First Sunrise Ball had been held every year since the foundation of the first colony on Imladris. In the intervening centuries it had become an event that marked a couple’s intention to pledge themselves to a future together -- a system wide betrothal ceremony.

"Jack? You want to go with Jack Sparrow?” Methos erupted from his chair. He’d known for years that Lucia had a fondness for the former pirate captain, but he’d hoped she’d grown out of it by now.

“Yes! But he won’t, because of some ridiculous old-fashioned sense of honour!”

“Believe me, child, it’s not ridiculous.” As always, Jack showed a remarkable instinct for self-preservation.

Lucia looked outraged, an expression Methos had seen a hundred times on his wife’s face. “You’re telling me you’d challenge him because he wanted a relationship with me?”

Scrubbing at his hair, an explosive sigh passing his lips, he began to pace. “No, Lucia, I wouldn’t. But I wouldn’t count on your mother.”

“But she likes Jack!”

“Yes, she does, but that doesn’t extend to him being involved with her one, very precious, daughter.”

“So you can talk to her! Mummy will listen to you.” She took her father’s hands in hers, looking at him pleadingly. “You can make her understand.”

“Lucia…” He felt himself weakening, her big blue eyes diminishing his resolve.

“I love him, the children love him. Please?” One tear slipped down her face.

Closing his eyes in defeat, he shook his head. “Alright, I’ll talk to Triona!”

Lucia squealed in delight, throwing her arms around his neck. “Thank you, daddy!”

“But, I promise you poppet, if this adversely affects my conjugal bliss, you will pay,” he warned mock ominously.

Lucia wrinkled her nose. “That’s a little too much information, daddy!”

‘It’ll be the least of your worries if this doesn’t go well with your mother.”

“I love you,” she said softly.

“And I love you, pesky brat of a daughter.”

She reached up, kissing him on the cheek. “Give mummy a bouquet of pink roses before you talk to her. It’ll help,” she instructed.

“Oh, so you’re an expert on dealing with your mother now, are you?” Methos asked his daughter.

“No, but papa said to tell you that!” Lucia informed him, giggling at the look on her father’s face. “See you later, daddy!” she called as she ran from his study.

Methos shook his head; he’d been so had. Well, Triona had always told him Lucia had him wrapped around her little finger.

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