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Grey's Anatomy last night was da bomb. Seriously. There's a reason this is probably one of my favourite shows. After the demise of Buffy and West Wing, it has some of the best snappy dialogue on TV, and it makes me cry -- frequently.

What's going to happen to Meredith? Well, this (from Shonda) doesn't sound encouraging...

Now, I’m really worried about her because she’s in the water and I want to be clear with you: I don’t put people in the water for no reason. Meredith’s got issues, she’s got serious Mommy issues and she’s broken and she’s in the water.

I killed Denny. I blew up Dylan.

I’m not entirely playing by the rules of TV here.

There’s a point. And it’s coming. Shoots With A Script and I have our fingers and toes crossed that it works.

Because what happens next…well, just wait and see…

As I said in the subject: "Eeep!"

Would they actually kill her off? Wow! Now that would be something.

On a lighter note, the elevator scene where Addison is reaming them for picking on the Chief's dyed hair. Classic Grey's! I was laughing so hard at that point.

And a question: I thought Miranda was in her last her of Residency and would be taking a fellowship the next year (hard to remember we're still in year one for the interns) But last night, they were talking about her trying for Chief Resident. I'm confused. Though that whole scene with scary cheerful resident chick over who would get the job was great.

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