Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Ficcy Brick-a-Brack

I have an actual story percolating for the 'Dan Clifford is Methos' challenge! I know I said I had one before, but that one just sort of stayed as an initial idea and didn't go anywhere. But this one... this one is unreeling in my head with dialogue and settings and characters. So maybe I'll have something for my own challenge after all!

I got sidetracked on the Spock fic, but I'll try and get some more up tomorrow. Doubt it will be tonight since it's Grey's and Ugly Betty night on the old TV. So, finish that one, start on the Dan fic, and then try and actually start writing that followup story for jinxed_wood instead of just mentally writing it.

And last, there was 'picture quest'. I had mentioned to jinxed_wood how much I admired her fic specific icons and art. I've never had any, mostly because I'm lazy, and because I write fic with OFCs, and I don't draw. I know other authours use actresses or models as a base for their characters, but I never have. I see them in my mind's eye, and they don't look like anyone -- they're themselves [g] The closest I've come to a visual for Triona was a piece of art by Royo. It's in the ballpark.

But as the conversation with Kate continued, she went looking for photos that might work for me. Then I recalled that when I first was writing Triona, I'd had the thought that she was like Lucy Muir (portrayed by Gene Tierney) in the movie "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" (my favourite movie). She was small, quiet, but stubborn with a lot of spirit. Of course, that movie was set in early part of the twentieth century, so somewhat problematic for character photos. So I went looking for other photos of Gene Tierney and the dating was a problem for the majority of them, but I did come up with this one.

So sort of merge the art and the photo and add green eyes, and you have a visual for my girl. But she still doesn't look like that in my head! Maybe one day, I'll get around to trying to make an icon, but I need to learn how to take two different photos and put them together first. There's that lazy thing again!

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