Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Holby City Comments: 02-06-07

There wasn't a lot of Dan in this one, but what there was was lovely. He really does seem to have the best lines!

So don't boys go to medical school anymore? All the medical students were female, which seemed odd. And will we be seeing them again? Or will it be like House where the occasional medical student appears a few times a season? Hair ball girl should consider a less stressful occupation, me thinks.

Is Donna really leaving? Don't much care one way or the other, but am curious.

Joseph was so mellow! No baby bird tick.

Sam is sweet, but stupid. He has good intentions, but he doesn't seem to think things through.

What the hell was up with the rabbit, and how on earth did it make it onto a window ledge?!

Still don't like Mark. I'm surprised Connie didn't chew him out for that last bit of cheek to her.

I really want to know more about the history between Maddie and Clifford.

Just make Nikki go away!

Side note: On the BBC Holby site, on the cast page, Peter is listed fourth, only after 'Connie', 'Elliot', and 'Ric'. Doesn't seem to be alphabetical either by actor name or character name, so I found that interesting.

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