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Fic: 'Family Business' (01/?)

I don't normally post WIPs, but dare to be different and all that.

Inspired after watching 'Journey to Babel' last night and having the urge to to write a Spock story. The last one I wrote was back in 1998, 'The Long Road From Home', and it just seemed time to do another one. This isn't a sequel really, but the prior one does have something of the history between the characters in it.

No warnings, very PG.

“Madam Ambassador,” Captain James T. Kirk greeted the small, blonde haired woman who had joined him and his first officer on the observation deck. “Did you enjoy your tour of the engine room?”

“I did indeed, Captain!” she replied enthusiastically. “Mr. Scott was an excellent and informative guide. My compliments; the Enterprise is a beautiful vessel. You must be very proud.”

The Captain’s smile widened at the compliment. “Thank you, Ambassador York. You’re obviously a woman of taste and discernment. Not to mention one of the loveliest ambassadors it’s been my pleasure to meet.”

“And you, Captain Kirk, are too flattering by half.” Triona smiled up at the Enterprise’s very handsome captain, deciding he more than lived up to his reputation.

Triona, or rather ‘Cate York’, was representing the Imladrin Planetary Union at the Babel Conference that would decide on admittance of the Coridan System to the Federation. While her presence on the Enterprise was business, she had a personal agenda as well. But that agenda had done his best to avoid her since she’d boarded the ship. It was time for a more direct approach.

She turned her attention to the Enterprise’s Vulcan First Officer. “Mr. Spock, I was wondering if you could spare a moment? We haven’t had the opportunity to speak since you joined the Enterprise.”

“You know each other?” Jim Kirk’s interest was piqued. He looked to his first officer for confirmation.

“The ambassador’s family and my own have been acquainted for some time,” Spock admitted, though, it seemed, somewhat reluctantly.

“And I’d hoped, Spock’s duties permitting, I might impose upon you to allow him the time to visit with me?” Triona looked at the Captain enquiringly. She knew she wasn’t being fair, that Spock would probably rather not have his relationship with her made public, but rank, not to mention age, had its privileges. And Triona intended to use all of those privileges this trip.

“Of course, Ambassador!” Kirk agreed readily. “Spock, consider yourself at Ambassador York’s disposal.”

“But, sir, the reception for the delegates…”

“Nonsense, Spock!” Kirk replied heartily. “Nothing we can’t handle without you. Please, escort Ambassador York back to her quarters. That’s an order,” he added, when it appeared he might have some other objection.

“Aye, Captain.” Spock nodded slightly, seemingly resigned to his fate.

Triona smothered a grin, his expression reminding her of when he was five and hadn’t wanted to go to bed till she’d told him another story. “My thanks, Captain.” She turned her attention to the Vulcan. “Shall we?”


They walked down the busy corridor in silence. Finally, Triona said, “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’d been avoiding me.”

Spock looked sidelong at the slight woman who walked next to him. “Then it is fortunate you do indeed know better,” he said coolly.

“Isn’t it though?” This time, Triona didn’t try to hide her smile.

They reached the door to her quarters, and the door opened with a quiet ‘whoosh’. “After you, madam.” Spock extended an arm.

“Are you okay?” Methos asked in concern, as they entered, from where he was sprawled in a chair, a datapad in one hand.

“Why?” Triona asked, perplexed.

“You were only in the engine room two hours – more than a little frightening!” His eyes danced in amusement.

“Oh, very funny!” Walking over to where he sat, she leaned down to kiss him. “And you have no reason to tease,” she murmured into his ear, her fingers skimming across his chest. “I found the warp nacelle design very stimulating.”

“Well thank the gods for warp nacelle design,” he breathed, his hand coming up to caress the back of her neck.

Drawing back, she smiled, brushing her lips across his one last time before standing and turning back to the Enterprise first officer. “Spock has graciously agreed to humour an old woman and visit with me.”

“Spock,” Methos stood, greeting the Vulcan. “You’re well?”

“I am, Doctor.” He held himself stiffly, hands clasped behind his back looking more like he was awaiting a disciplinary hearing than a conversation with his Pry'lyn.

His demeanor didn’t go unnoticed by the Immortal. “Graciously agreed, hmm?” Methos asked his wife. He took her hands, leaning in to say softly, “You’re a cruel woman, love.”

“Part of my charm,” she replied airily.

“Uh huh.” He turned his attention back to Spock. “I’ll leave you two to your chat then, shall I? I’ve arranged a game of qui’li with the Andorian ambassador, so I’ll catch you later, wife.”

“Try not and get into too much trouble, husband,” Triona replied. His only response was a smile as he headed out the door.

Part One ][ Part Two ][ Part Three
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