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31 January 2007 @ 08:36 pm
Now, It's Highlander  
Remember a few weeks back, there was the buy one get one free sale that included Forever Knight? Well now, Deep Discount DVD has another two for one sale, and the Highlander titles are part of it! Go take a look at what else is on the list here.

Sinanju: Gasp!sinanju on February 1st, 2007 05:55 am (UTC)
Thanks for the pointer! I've never bought a Highlander season DVD because much as I like the series, I've never been willing to pay $60-80 for a set (which is what they generally run in the stores where I see them). But I can get TWO seasons for about $30 with the "get one free" offer. Cool!
some_day_solingsome_day_soling on February 1st, 2007 03:38 pm (UTC)
21 Jump Street!

*blushes, runs to hide in cave of shame*
Roberta: Holy Ground Door Matrobi_travels on February 1st, 2007 05:50 pm (UTC)
Silk Stockings - good show. Use to watch this when it was part of a Crime Time after Prime time series on a local station.
airforcegrrl on February 1st, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
Love your icon. where did you find it? or did you create it?
Robertarobi_travels on February 2nd, 2007 01:31 pm (UTC)
"Love your icon." Thank you.

"where did you find it? or did you create it?"

A little of both. I am the most uncreative person on the earth. But the lovely Ith, sent me over to this website -www.imagechef.com - where you can create all sorts of cool icons by simply typing in what you want to say. This one is under "other" category. Being unoriginal and trying to create a HL icon I simply put Holy Ground on the door mat.

Go, have fun. Once you get what you want, re-size to small, then save as picture to your PC.

Be careful it gets addictive.


PS Again thanks to Ith for finding the site.
airforcegrrl on February 1st, 2007 06:24 pm (UTC)
too bad I missed Forever Knight. But hell I can get Highlander now!!!
enchantersnightenchantersnight on February 1st, 2007 06:32 pm (UTC)
Someones been reading a wish list of yours somewhere then!
amonitrateamonitrate on February 2nd, 2007 02:49 am (UTC)
thanks for letting me know! I might just make the plunge at last.