Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

'Great Expectations'

Two!! proposals! Floored! Who will say yes, and who will say no?

I loved the storyline with the Amish girls and Gillie's parents. Even though I cried through the whole thing.

The four wanna be chiefs! Though I don't think Richard will be retiring now, do you?

Derek and Meredith... I dunno. I admit, I'm a Derek/Addison fan, but as much as I liked the spark between DerMer before Addison, now, it's just not all that hot for me. Your opinion may vary.

No surprise Izzie's going to use the money for the clinic. That was a 'duhhhhh'!

Yes, I'm now going to institute a Kleenex Rating on Grey's eps!

Tags: grey's anatomy
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