Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Holby City Comments: 01-23-07

Okay, Diane is more than a little smitten with our Mr. Clifford, no? It's all very cute! And the smile on his face in that last shot!

For once Mark didn't annoy me!

Is it Dr. Sanger or Dr. Parma? They called her Sanger last week.

So Jade shows up again!

I actually like Chrissie, but from what I gather, that's just because I never saw her back story. But coming into it with no past knowledge, she and Sam seem like a nice couple.

Why is Paula Abdul dressed like a 12 year old school girl? Oh, sorry, wrong show...

Mass pizza food poisoning.

Kayla's ex is cute.

Lola needs to chill.

I swear, Paula's dressed like a parochial school girl complete with gray wool jumper and ruffled blouse! (sorry, I keep getting distracted)

How long till they give us a hint about Maddie and Dan?

I can't wait till next week!

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