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One of the things I got to do this weekend was watch the first three eps of the second season of the new Dr. Who! Wheeeee! Awesome possum! Also got to see the Xmas special from last year.

Currently watching Charmed for the sole purpose of seeing PW. Well, he does have a very nifty coat!

In other news, Nin picked me up and told me flowers had been delivered for me this afternoon. I had a small fantasy moment when I imagined they might be from a secret admirer. The only person that's ever given me flowers is my mum, on my 40th birthday, so I harbour this silly little dream that one day, I might get actual flowers from, you know, a guy. Hey, even spinsters have dreams! Got home, read the card -- they're from my mother. Which is great, don't get me wrong. On the bright side, feeling angsty does wonders for my ability to actually write.

Charmed just ended. Well, he did have a very nice coat [weg]

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