Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

As I Kill Time...

waiting for 24 to start.

Yummy new drink: Drambuie and soda with lime. My usual poison is a Rusty Nail, which is Drambuie and Scotch, but I wanted to try something a little lighter tonight. This is nice, though I think it might work better when I wasn't so frickin cold!

A few eps of Enterprise: nice seeing the eps I missed and dealing with the breeding plot bunnies.

Fic: I really need to start writing again. Too much time spent making icons. It would also help to decide which story I want to write first. Maybe I should take a poll...

Weather: have I mentioned I haven't been warm in days? Probably several times.

TV: new Holby City tomorrow! Wheee! I wonder when we'll hit Danless episodes? I would think in the next several weeks.

Tags: '24', holby city, just stuff

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