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Welcome to the third installment of Methos Episode discussion! You can find the last one, for 'Finale' here.

Chivalry, Air Date: Dec. 1995

Nearly 350 years ago, MacLeod was the devoted lover of Kristin Gilles, a beautiful Immortal who taught him to be a gentleman. When he found another love, Kristin refused to let him go, killing his new lover. Now Kristin is sharing her bed with another new Immortal full of potential -- Richie. Methos, who knows MacLeod has never been able to kill Kristin because of his strict code of honor, has arrived in town to watch the fireworks as MacLeod tries to convince Richie that his new-found love is dangerous. ~ via

Next up will be Timeless. Look for it on Thursday.

A few quotes below the curtain

(Kristen is on the ground with her sword beside her)
Methos: Pick it up.
Kristen: Who are you?
Methos: Someone who was born long before the age of chivalry. Now pick it up.

Methos: Candygram!
Duncan: Methos. Or should I call you Adam?
Methos: Only you and Joe know that I'm Methos the Immortal. To the rest of the world I'm still Adam Pierson, mild mannered Watcher.
Duncan: Well, mi casa es su casa. How's Paris?
Methos: It's a lot quieter since you left. Taking up origami?
Duncan: No, I'm just renovating an old house.
Methos: Yeah, it's good to keep busy.
Duncan: So, what brings a five thousand year old man to me?
Methos: Kristen's in town. She just opened a new branch of her agency.

Methos: MacLeod-san, that katana is a lovely piece of art. May I? I washed my hands this morning. Quite a blade. (Methos holds the sword to Duncan's neck)
Duncan: Not funny, Methos.
Methos: Not meant to be. Not only are you naive, now you are weaponless. How have you lived this long? Do you know how many Immortals she's killed? Do you want a list?
Duncan: All right, you've made your point.
Methos: Have I? One day she is going to kill you.
Duncan: She's tried already.
Methos: You're better with a blade than her, yes. You are stronger than her, yes. But if you keep letting her walk away, one day she gets lucky and takes your head, yes.
Duncan: Oh, I dunno. Maybe she'll stop to gloat like you. (Duncan knocks Methos down) You wanna play?
Methos: Great! You knock me on my bum because I make a bad joke. Very macho! But you keep letting her walk away without even taking a shot... that is very suicidal.
Duncan: You know what she was to me.
Methos: Yes, and I know what she is, a killer! You treat her like one.

Richie: She went nuts! She would have killed me.
Methos: Round two to Kristin. You dump her, and then you turn your back on her? Talk about the blind leading the visually challenged!
Richie: Thank you.

Methos: (to Duncan) A couple of Medieval songwriters come up with the idea of chivalry one rainy day and you embrace it as a lifestyle. You live and die by a code of honor that was trendy when you were a kid.

Duncan: Did you know Mencius?
Methos: Student of Confucius, yeah.
Duncan: I dislike death, but there are things that I dislike more than death.
Methos: Therefore there are occasions when I will not...
Methos/Duncan: ...avoid danger.
Methos: Death before dishonor.
Duncan: For some of us. (holds up paint strip samples) What do you think?
Methos: Get someone in.

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