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Finally made the icon using the line from 'One Night in Bangkok' I've been wanting to make. It wasn't what I'd initially visualized (when are they ever?) I've always thought that song is one of those perfect 'Methos' songs. (it's the one on this post)

cyberducks is a brilliant fic marketer and she just slays me with some of the things she comes out with [g] She's made me laugh out loud twice today already.

Lord, it's cold! It went down into the twenties last night. Now that's fine and dandy if you live in an insulated building, but we don't. I haven't been warm in days. When I walked to work yesterday morning, it was still around 33 degrees. Nothing like a 12 block walk in the cold to wake you up.

I need to learn how to do animated GIFs. I really want to make one from the "Little April Showers" scene in Bambi. I utterly adore that sequence. In fact, on my last cellphone, I made a clip from that music as a ringtone. In fact, I just need to make Bambi icons period. My favourite animated movie since I was a little girl.

Not sure I'm motivated enough, but I'm thinking of making this Hopi recipe for dinner: blue cornmeal dumplings in corn husks with a chili sauce.

24 starts tomorrow! Wooo!


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