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Holby City 01-09-07 Comments

How freakin' wonderful was this episode? I'm still thrilled this morning -- it even beat out House last night for maximum joy and overall squee. And that's hard to do!

The pinstripe suit! I adore me some pinstripes.

The interaction between Methos Dan and Abra. How sad does it make me Abra's gone now? Such great chemistry.

The last bit in the bar, with the cigar smoke. That needs icons! Stay tuned.

Sam and the Servelan line! I'm in love.

Gah! Someone buy Joseph a freakin' clue! Generally, he seems like a nice enough guy, but how dim can you be? (that whole baby bird motion he makes all the time is very distracting)He deserves what he gets with Jac if he doesn't wise up.

Connie, I love Connie. When, oh when, will her and Dan meet up?

Dan's still calling Jaq 'Olive' [snicker] I'm not sure Joseph quite knew what to make of their interaction in the OR.

So does this mean Dan's fulfilled his end of the deal?

Peter is just so great in this part. He really is. He seems to be having so much fun. And we get a whole year!

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