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Moldy Oldie: 'Misguided Angel'

I had been reposting some older fic here, thinking of my LJ as a sort of alternative archive (since fic was all that was ever going to be here when I first started this thing), but am going to try something a little different and just post a link to my actual archive instead. And if you do have some strong preference one way or the other, let me know :)

Now, on to the mold!

Misguided Angel

This story takes place around the same time in the series universe as some of my newer fic does (Shattered & Lavender at Midnight follow chronologically). I wrote it in 2001 when song fics were all the rage, and I'd wanted to try my hand at one. The song, in this case, is 'Misguided Angel' by Cowboy Junkies -- one of my very favourite groups, and favourite song for that matter. It's also one of two stories I've ever written in first person. Which I find difficult to write, but I thought at the time that it worked best for this particular story.

It's also my proof I can to write a story with a happy ending! So there! [g]

Tags: fic, highlander, methos, moldy oldie, series: 'bloodties'

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