Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Holby City Comments: 01-02-07

I'm just loving Dan Clifford more and more each week. And I don't think it's just because I'm biased [g]. Nope.

The 'ginger hair' comment to Matt cracked me up. Poor Matt was so concerned when Dan told him he didn't have what it took to be a surgeon, and then he gave his ginger hair as a reason [snorfle] And again with Matt, we see he's actually a good teacher, so another side of the character revealed.

Loved how he dealt with wine gum psychiatrist woman.

The little scene where he was reading the paper was lovely.

I'm still waiting for him to meet more of the other staff though. When's he going to meet Connie? That's a meeting I'm looking forward to!

So other stuff besides Dan.... uhhh.. oh yeah! How the heck did Mark get a big promotion like that when he's attitude man? I really am becoming fond of Maria. I loved how Maria and Matt pulled one over on Donna who was trying to pull one over on them.

And on a totally shallow note, Peter's looking absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I swear, the man gets better with age. I can't wait till he gets one of those fancy dress do scenes. And that voice. He can read the phone book whenever [g]

And I have to keep reminding myself we have a whole year of him! He's not just there for a few weeks, but a YEAR! How'd we get so lucky?

Okay, fangirl moment over squeeeee [cough]

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