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I Can Be Shippy!

I should preface this by saying that I'm something of an 'anti-shipper'. That is, I rarely 'get' the pairings in most shows I'm a fan of, and if I do have some shippy leanings, it's for the oddball couple. For example, I hated the concept of Mulder/Scully as a romantic couple. Personally, I thought it should have been Scully/Skinner :) So, that being said, you'll understand why this is such an odd thought for me. It has to do with Stargate, and some of the recent casting news, so since it's spoilerish, I'm hiding it!

So, Jack O'Neill is coming back, and I've never ever been a Jack/Sam shipper. Yesterday came the news that Morena Baccarin is joining the cast as Adria. Now, I know nothing about what kind of person she's going to be, other than who she's going to be, but that didn't stop me just now from thinking about what a handsome couple RDA and Morena would make! So I'm a preemptive Jack/Adria shipper!

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