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2006 -- The Year in Fic

Yes, I did the retrospective thing too! Looking at it all in a list, not bad! Considering that I went nearly three years without writing a single fictional thing, I'm pretty pleased with 2006. And 2006, in the spring, was when I moved over to Live Journal. I'm sure that the interaction here really helped get my muses going. Previously, I'd only posted my fic on email lists, and was getting virtually no feedback/comments. Here, people actually read and comment! Concept! So it was a good change for me.

January 2006
A View From the Storm
This followed Fathers Christmas, and is a conversation between Triona and Picard. It was somewhat inspired by us watching "Generations", "First Contact" and "Nemesis" in one sitting, along with weeks worth of ST:TNG eps. Something I discovered in writing this was that Methos had some sort of encounter with the Romulans, which accounted for the special relationship Imladris and the Empire share. I didn't know that till I was informed by Triona while writing this. They never tell me anything!

February 2006
First Sunrise
My 'anti-Valentine's day' fic. I loath Valentine's Day, and if I'd read one more treacly sweet story, I was going to get a toothache [g] so this was my antidote; nice snarky Methos! The bit I like best? I worked in a Magnum P.I. reference! Yes, I did.

March 2006
One of the recurring bits in the Bloodties series has been Methos' aversion to vampires, and hints at what Divia did to Triona. This story finally dealt with both of those issues. For those of you not familiar with Forever Knight, think of Kronos if he'd been an evil 12 year old vampire girl. That pretty much covers Divia. and I just really like this story. I like the setting -- the Yorkshire countryside -- I like portraying everyday life, people just trying to live their lives, even if they are immortal.
Broken Window
Ah, one of my favourite angsty stories of 2006. What might have been. You might think that if you made different choices, that the lives of those you love would have been better. But that's not always the case. And what happens if you have to live that 'other path'? This is probably my own personal favourite of the fic I wrote this year.

April 2006
Irreconcilable Differences
April was a prolific month. And it had me writing in a whole new fandom -- albeit mixed with an old favourite. This was the first story in what has become a series. Not something I intended! Yes, I crossed Grey's Anatomy with Highlander. I've always been fascinated by Methos being a doctor, and I wanted to explore that a bit more. And I wanted to write something that dealt with the price of immortality. This story gave me the opportunity to do both. It definitely is more Highlander-centric with Grey's more the setting. Oh, and a cameo by Greg House. I've been told the story works even if you've never seen an episode of GA. This is my other favourite story of 2006, and yes, the ending makes me cry. I admit it!
The sequel to the one time only story. Hah! After ending Irreconcilable Differences on such a downer, I felt the need to write something much, much lighter -- and I think I succeeded. And having Methos' nickname as Chief Resident being Genghis Khan just cracked me up!
Road to Marseille
Road trip! A short bit of fun on the road to Marseille with Methos and LaCroix. Did I mention it was 1345?
No Half Measures
Lucia is a character that as only ever appeared as child, but 2006 seemed to be the year she grew up and wanted stories of her own. This was the first of those. A very short story with a moment between her and her 'daddy', Methos.

May 2006
The Tragedy That We Knew As The End
The third of the HL/GA stories I've written so far. Not exactly what people had been asking me for, but I do love the angst. I'm hopeless, I am! It's on the adult side, and I rather like it.
Bajoran Holiday
This one I wrote for a fic challenge. Triona got a little enthusiastic in supporting the Bajoran Resistance against the Cardassians, and Methos has to pull her ass out of the fire. It's actually a humourous story, despite the setting.
Now We Are Met Again
Finally, the third part of the trilogy I started when the century was young! What's cool about this one? It has Captain Jack Sparrow in it! Besides wrapping up the trilogy, it served to introduce the good Captain into the universe for planned future adventures.

June 2006
Let Not Your Heart Be Tribbled
This one's just fun. Duncan, Methos, and Joe, in a bar... with Tribbles. That about covers it.
Regret Eternal I
My first ever drabble. And what became the first of my 'reader's choice, het or slash' drabbles.

July 2006
Should the Dawn Return
The sequel to Broken Window, and the first sex scene I'd written in years. But the sex isn't what makes the story stand out for me, it's the love of two people trying to overcome a tragedy.
Sex on the Beach
Another 'reader's choice' drabble.

August 2006
The other story with an adult Lucia. This one is just her, alone in a dark and frightening place.
Cock-Eyed Optimist
A photo challenge fic. This one features Amanda and Methos, and I just love their interaction.
Takasago's Pines
I tend to think this is the best thing I've written in 2006, 'best' being relative, of course. It's the first time I'd set a story in a Highlander episode (Forgive Us Our Trespasses), it gave me an outlet for my Japanese Death Poetry kick, and it allowed me to revisit a point in the series that I hadn't been to in many years. I'm just pleased with it overall.
My Soul Is Dark
A companion piece to Takasago's Pines. Bitterness, recrimination, sadness, and a little hope at the end.

September 2006
Not a Chance
Yet another 'reader's choice' drabble.

October 2006
Lavender at Midnight
My first ever Halloween fic. Is it really the ghost of Methos' wife, Etheldrida? That's for you to decide!

December 2006
The Silent Stars Go By
2006's Xmas fic. Still a WIP, but I'm working on it!
Prove It
The last drabble of 2006.

And no retrospective would be complete without a thank you for my wonderful, dedicated beta readers. You guys rock! And many thanks to everyone who reads my offerings. It's much appreciated!

My archive, Tales From the Darkwood, can be found here.

Happy 2007!

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