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It's Dead, Jim

We were right at the end of Aragorn's 'Men of the West' speech, and, and.... the DVD player died. Now, these days, they flash a helpful little code to look up. We did, and it turns out the motor is dead. Not resting, not pining for the Fjords, but dead. So guess who's buying a new DVD player today? Thank goodness they're so cheap these days!

So our marathon ended rather abruptly. We ended up watching the silly network New Year's thing. Would it kill them to do something from the west coast? I hate watching New York on a three hour old telecast. I should have seen if anything was on the Disney Channel, since I know they film in the park -- having been there on New Year's Eve -- and that would have been fun.

Going to try and put together a 2006 recap like so many of the cool ones I've been seeing today. I'm being motivated out of my lazy bleahness :)

I'm not cooking a freakin' thing today! All I've done for two weeks is cook/bake. Today, NO!

Oh, and fic... yes, I am going to try and finish the Xmas fic! I wrote some yesterday, but Nin took possession of the computer in the afternoon, and I had to cook, so I never got back to it. I may also post my 'porning in the New Year' fic I posted at Medie's last night.


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