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The Great Unsung Fic New Year's Party of 2006

Or something like that [g]

There's the fic that gets recced and nominated for awards... and then there's the rest. If your fic, like mine, falls into 'the rest', then that's where the The Great Unsung Fic New Year's Party of 2006 comes in!

Here's the plan: if you wrote something in 2006 that you were really proud of, but you're pretty sure that no one other than maybe your mother read it, then rec your fic in the comments. Tell us a bit about it, and include a link, of course. And if you read something this year by another authour that you thought didn't get nearly enough love, then you can rec that too (If you aren't positive the story you want to rec was written in 2006, that's fine. It's not like I have minions that are going to go check!). Or you can rec your own fic and someone else's! And more than once too! I'm easy.

I figure it will provide some reading entertainment for those of us who aren't going out for the holiday, and spread some New Year love around for some of the lonely fic out there.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! So don't be shy -- your fic is counting on you!

Jan 1, 2007: I'm going to put a link to this over on the sidebar so I don't lose the post before I have a chance to work through the links. And to remind me so I repeat this in December with a little more notice and organization :)

And second note.. if you want to rec vids, go ahead. Let's spread unsung love all over.

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